Case Study

Devon Duvets

Devon Duvets is a handcrafted bedding company based in Plymton, Devon, offering a fantastic range of eco-friendly bedding products. They required an update on their homepage to reflect the ethos and personal side of their business.

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Devon Duvets is a handcrafted bedding company based in Plymton, Devon. They offer a fantastic range of eco-friendly 100% natural bedding products, including award-winning wool duvets, which are handcrafted by a team of professional seamstresses in the Devon based workshops. Their products are 100% natural, 100% sustainable and 100% eco-friendly. Devon Duvets have an established eCommerce website, offering their entire product range.



Devon Duvets approached us to discuss updating the design and layout of their home page. They felt that their current home page didn't reflect the company, their personality or portray their sustainable ethos. Being a company that handcrafts all of its products in the United Kingdom, they wanted their home page to have a rustic, handcrafted feel that conveyed exactly what the business was about.

Devon Duvets also wanted to make it easier to navigate the site and find the products. This changed the layout and call to action hierarchy to create a more straightforward user journey. The homepage would also need a more direct call to action for products, which their previous home page design didn't include.

Overall, the Devon Duvets team wanted to simplify their home page design, making the layout cleaner and ensuring that their brand and message was consistent throughout all design elements such as colours, typeface and call-to-actions.

On a more functional note, it was essential to allow Devon Duvets to edit their content without external help. A pain point for the old homepage was that a simple text change could not be made without a developer. One of our fundamental values at Kodal is that we want to empower our clients to take control of their solutions and not lock away the ability to change or update anything.




We started by meeting with the Devon Duvets team to understand precisely what they wanted the home page to achieve. The design team gathered important data regarding conversions, bounce rates and user sessions to establish the pain points of the previous home page. The Devon Duvets team also gave an insight into their customers, which helped build a picture of what their users want to see.


After the initial research, we moved on to wire-framing to get an idea of what information needed to be included on the home page, where it would be placed, and its function. Following the wire-framing, we created a high fidelity mockup of the home page using Figma. We expanded the existing Devon Duvets brand by adding extra elements, such as a new heading style and image treatments, to add more personality. The homepage was designed with a responsive layout which made the transitions to other devices seamless.

Once the high fidelity mockups were completed, they were sent to the Devon Duvets team to review. We replaced the dummy content with live content to ensure that the mockups represented every detail of the final home page design. Following this, the mockups were approved, and the designs were handed over to the development team to start creating.

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The Devon Duvets website uses the eCommerce platform Magento. The new home page design was created on a local instance to ensure that there was no downtime on the live website and that any changes didn't affect the live site's performance. The home page was created using blocks - this ensured that the Devon Duvets team could update the content and pictures whenever they wanted through the Magento back end. Once the home page had been created, the design team carried out Quality Assurance (QA) testing to ensure any bugs or styling issues were resolved. Once internal testing was complete, the Devon Duvet team could do their own testing before the website's home page was made live.


Once the homepage was built and ready to go, we created a step by step document on accessing and editing all content on the homepage.


Devon Duvets now has a homepage representing their core brand values of a sustainable, family-run artisan business. Visually, customers get a feel for this through the textures, imagery, and the easy-to-find 'about us' information that is now front a centre. Customers now have a clear and direct route to find the products based on material or category.

The Devon Duvets team also now have complete control over their homepage content. Changing images and text is easily accomplished and does not require our intervention (although we are still happy to help!)

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