Financial Trust

Financial Trsut came to us looking for a technical partner to help mature and support their existing platform. We work as an integrated part of their team, providing technical platform support, project management and technical consultancy as needed. Financial Trust is one of our clients based in America.

The Project

Company Profile

Financial Trust offers personal identity theft insurance and a raft of identity and fraud protection tools to their customers. They have a customer base in the USA of over 25 million people and over 15,000 corporations with ambitious plans to grow further.

The Brief

Using a young platform developed in-house, Financial Trust looked to mature, manage, and enhance its system. There were minor updates and bug fixes they knew they needed, and they wanted to gain insights and advice from us on the future direction of their platform and the possibilities open to them.

The Solution


The first step in taking on an existing platform is to thoroughly review what is already there. Reviewing allows us to identify areas for improvement and possible enhancements. Part of the review includes discussions with Financial Trust to take on board all their concerns, pain points we can address to make using the system more accessible, and feedback from customers and workers who use the system.

Project management and consultancy

Once we understood their existing platform and had taken on board the vision of what they wanted to achieve, we helped expand, refine and organise their ideas.

Being a step removed from building the original system, we could objectively suggest which areas we should focus on first. When they came to us with ideas, we could use our experience and expertise in technology to present new options that optimise the original idea or even open up new opportunities.

We also introduced our project management system to keep structure throughout the project, having weekly meetings to review progress and talk over any new ideas and developments.


Financial Trust sends us any support tasks they may have, and each week we go through task progress, priorities and any other ideas for future features and enhancements.

We also offer an out-of-hours emergency support number, so if something unexpected happens, we are always on hand to help. Out-of-hours support is handy for our clients in a different time zone, such as our American clients.


We have worked on almost every aspect of technology in this partnership. Financial Trust has an in-house designer who provides mockups to us, which we have implemented to improve the aesthetics of their many websites. We have changed their business processes through software implementations and improvements.

Because we are updating the code so regularly for this platform, we use a method called continuous deployment. Continuous deployment means code testing is automated, and the deployment process is fast-tracked. We can make almost constant iterations and updates to the platform using this method.

The Result

Financial Trust now has a regularly updated platform and constantly has new features, enhancements, and improvements. They also have peace of mind that we will be there to fix any issues with their platform. While initially, we worked on support, minor upgrades and bug fixes, we are now in the process of planning significant upgrades. As our business relationship has grown and matured, we have scaled up our resources and capacity.

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