Global AG Media

Global AG came to Kodal through a referral from an existing client. They wanted to update their current Craft CMS installation and website design without disrupting their SEO or loyal readers.

The Project

Company Profile

Global AG Media runs a group of popular agricultural news websites. They pride themselves on offering quality news articles, information and analysis worldwide. They cover everything from economics to industry trends to animal care. Each of their ten sites focuses on a particular niche of agriculture.

The Brief

Global AG was already using Craft CMS as a platform and wanted to modernise, enhance and develop it further. The key points to the brief were to:

  • Improve the efficiency and speed of day to day content and advertising management
  • Design a new, modern & responsive website design which they can use across their multiple news sites
  • Migrate their existing content without losing organic SEO

The Solution

Technical Audit

To successfully take over the support and development of any existing system, we believe the first action is to set a baseline by auditing the site to understand how it is structured. We also measure performance and do a full SEO and site health check to understand if there are any issues.


We created complete responsive mockups, including desktop, tablet and mobile designs. We expanded on their existing branding to create a new, modern look which was responsive and easy to navigate. We kept the main colour pallet neutral so that by changing key colours, they could identify the different brands of each specific niche while using the same website theme.

A critical factor in this update was retaining existing advertising space and creating new advertising opportunities by suggesting new areas where adverts could be placed and optimising the use of space.

Device Mashups global AG 75


Once the designs were approved, we started the development phase.

Improvements to daily content management include making their image library easier to use and speeding up the process of adding and editing articles.We made sure to improve the codebase, making the solution scalable and future proof so that Global AG can continue to use this website as their business continues to expand.

We ensure the final website matches the mockups by having our design team review the site as it's being built and once it is completed. Before launching the website, we gave the team at Global AG full access to the front and back end to test and review the solution, making sure it worked and looked as they wanted.

Improved search

The search was another critical factor we needed to consider so that users could easily find what they needed in the website's vast content-rich archives. The website search needs to be fast, offer relevant results and suggestions, and be designed so the information is easy to digest.

Retain SEO

As the sites already had good organic SEO, it was critical that we maintained, and worked to improve, that ranking as we migrated the website. We did this by making sure to keep the structure of the website the same and redirecting any articles which needed to have altered URLs.

Advertiser management and tracking

We made an easy way to manage advertisers and track advertisements' impressions and clicks by creating a dashboard. This dashboard simplified the day to day running and management of adverts and allowed greater control of which adverts show, where they show, and when they show. We also implemented advertising analytics to capture and download impression and click statistics, allowing Global AG and their clients greater visibility of their advert performance.



We provide bespoke hosting solutions optimised for a news website with an extensive catalogue and high traffic. Our hosting has multiple levels of security, 2 x backups and offers amazing fast, resilient, and secure services.


Since their website's launch, we have continued to support Global AG with any issues or requests for improvements and new features.

The Result

Global AG now has a single Craft CMS website admin where they can manage all of their websites. Improvements to the admin system mean that they have greater control over their content & advertisers, making day to day management easier. Their page load times are now faster, and the website's general performance is up to modern standards. We are continuing to roll out the new design across all the different websites.

Device Mashups global AG 75

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