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We are now a Craft CMS Partner

We are delighted to announce that we have recently become Craft CMS Partners. Having now completed a considerable number of projects we now qualify as a recognised Partner. With an established and fulltime Development Team Kodal can offer a bespoke solution to your business needs.

Why We Choose Craft CMS?

There are many reasons to use Craft CMS:-

Developers recommend it as it has a solid foundation and well-structured functionality, making it easier to develop high-quality bespoke solutions.

Content Editors and Users also recommend Craft CMS for the ease of use, speed to create pages and content.

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A CMS (Content Management System) is meant to make life easier for all parties, but this does not always ring true. Many CMS systems carry unnecessary functions (bloat) and potential security risks due to outdated plugins or the sheer popularity of the software.

Therefore Craft CMS is becoming ever more popular. It was originally developed by a group of developers that were frustrated by the restrictions and constraints of other CMS systems. So, they created a custom CMS designed for content and made sure it remained a slim, straight forward experience, ensuring the result is crafted to fit the customers' exact requirements.

Craft CMS is also known for its high-level security, making sure regular reviews are carried out on their own codebase as well as 1st and 3rd party plugins. They are quick to react when security risks are reported to ensure sites, businesses and their users are not affected in any way. Craft CMS has quickly become trusted by major brands such as Netflix, Ikea, Apple, Sonos and Microsoft.

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Fundamental to building an online solution (and business) is to choose a platform that is not only flexible but also robust and that can be extended to provide the functionality you require.


Craft CMS is a "blank canvas" designed so that developers build the exact solution, rather than building around an existing, enforced codebase. The results are that pages load much faster than comparative open source CMS systems which plays a major role when ranking against your competitors.


Craft CMS plugins are available via the built-in plugin directory, which unlike other CMS options, are all quality approved by the Craft CMS team. This reduces the likelihood of poor-quality plugins being added and means you can trust that they won’t affect the security of your site.

Beyond Content Management

Craft CMS does not just stop at being great for content management. It has a superb eCommerce solution utilising Craft Commerce; allowing for a flexible platform that means your online store can be designed and function exactly as intended.

Craft Commerce is ideal for sites that are content-rich, that also require eCommerce functionality. With the power of Craft CMS, a site built will be fast to load and content and data easy to maintain. It is step up from WordPress and Shopify that many businesses are crying out for, but without the massive overhead that comes with larger and more complex platforms.

We love working with this platform and are sure that you will too. It’s a privilege to become a Craft CMS Partner and recognised as an expert Craft CMS solution provider. If you're looking for a new website and would like to experience the power of Craft CMS contact us now to arrange a meeting or book a demo.

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