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We are now partnered with Fast checkout

We are committed to bringing our clients the latest and greatest tech features on the market. That is why are excited to announce that we have partnered with Fast - one click checkout provider!

Why We Chose Fast

What makes Fast stand out is an actual 1-click process to complete an order with no more headaches of creating accounts, remembering passwords, and filling out long entry forms, making it a very simple checkout. For businesses that means higher checkout and conversion rates, boosted sales, and happy customers!

How It Works

When a customer uses Fast one step checkout button, their account in your digital store is automatically created only using their email address. So the next time they visit your online store, they will be automatically logged in. It is as simple as that, no extra steps.

Fast checkout one click

Post Checkout Benefits

In addition, the post-checkout process allows any of your clients to:

  • Get 5 minutes to update, change or cancel orders
  • View transaction history
  • Buy products or services again
  • View order details
  • Track shipments
  • Contact support (chat/email)

Subscriptions management, returns and refunds are also on the future roadmap.


Fast is partnered with top eCommerce platforms and has pre-built integrations. So we can get you up and running in minutes.


By working with leading payment solutions, Fast supports sellers and buyers in over 30 countries and accommodates for over 100 currencies.


Fast utilises machine learning models to detect and prevent fraud and cover any fraud-related chargeback losses.

Get Fast Checkout

If you would like to discuss how Fast Checkout can benefit your eCommerce platform, contact us now to arrange a meeting.

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