We've worked with many platforms over the years - Joomla, Drupal and today's popular WordPress. However, over the last 4 years, we've honed this to just two platforms that we use for eCommerce and content management. This article focuses on one of these platforms - CraftCMS and why we love and recommend it over all other CMS platforms.

When we discovered CraftCMS, we knew we had found something special. Many popular CMS (Content Management Systems) such as WordPress have common issues. These include hard to manage updates, complex content adding tools, security concerns and slow page load times. CraftCMS avoids all of these issues and delivers a professional, scalable and easy to use solution.

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A team of developers called "Pixel and Tonic" were frustrated with the restrictions, quality, and how bloated other open-source CMS such as WordPress were getting. So they created CraftCMS. CraftCMS is a robust Content Management System; it is lean and supplied without themes or unnecessary plugins. Lightweight and fast, with a user-friendly admin interface it would be an excellent option for most businesses.


You can update CraftCMS in one click. It also automatically creates a backup which you can roll back to if there are any issues. If you run a WordPress site, you know that this is a big deal!


CraftCMS has live content previewing when creating or editing articles, so changes are visible as you make them. The look and feel of the pages are set up by our web developers, so there is no need to spend time learning complex page builders, HTML or CSS.

Need to add a new image or move some text? CraftCMS pages are built using blocks which can be added, deleted and moved easily to build your page layout without needing any coding changes. If you need a new feature (e.g. if you get some customer reviews you want to add as a slider), it won't cost the earth to create because CraftCMS is easy and quick for our developers to build on.

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CraftCMS has a very simple and intuitive admin which makes adding content quick and easy


One of the best things about CraftCMS is the control it gives you. Developers love CraftCMS because it isn't supplied with predefined, rigid themes. Instead, it is a "blank canvas" allowing the developer to code the theme precisely as per the specification. Because it is easier to work with, it is easier to build, maintain and customise. Over the lifetime of your website, this can reduce your overall maintenance costs.


If your business manages multiple websites, CraftCMS is ideal to use. You can control content for all your sites in one central place. All your sites can share common features, such as styled content blocks, images, shipping settings (for Craft Commerce), while also having unique elements which can set it apart.


Plugins are another area where CraftCMS excels. Plugins are all quality checked and approved by the Pixel and Tonic team to ensure quality and security is not compromised. This is not the case with WordPress sites where plugins can be created by anyone and are nearly always the source of security issues and conflicts which can break your website.

Craft plugin store
We even have our own home grown plugins on the CraftCMS store!


Built for just what you need, CraftCMS loads fast, really fast. Especially when compared to other CMS such as WordPress. Where WordPress is a blogging platform which has become a jack of all trades, CraftCMS has a flexible core which is built upon specifically for your needs and content. This means that CraftCMS is suitable for content-rich websites, such as eCommerce, where you want to use video and images to create a great user experience.


Security has become a vital issue for businesses of all sizes. CraftCMS is a modern platform built with up to date code, making it more secure and giving a better structure to build on. This means that your website made with CraftCMS is less likely to be successfully infiltrated by attackers trying to access your data or bring your website down.


Craft Commerce provides the framework and tools to create a fantastic eCommerce site. Everything from the design of the site to the checkout receipts is in your control. Just like CraftCMS, Craft Commerce provides a high-quality professional solution.


If you are looking for something that helps you to stand out of the crowd, is high quality, fast and secure we believe CraftCMS is the solution!

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