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Improve user engagement, boost customer satisfaction and increase revenue

Our conversion rate optimisation service offers to improve your user engagement, boost customer satisfaction and increase revenue across your website or app. We do this by analysing how customers use your service, finding any obstacles or pain points they encounter and improving their engagement which leads to frictionless conversions.

Keep your customers engaged

We cover everything from A/B testing, journey analysis, data analysis, heatmaps, UX design, multivariate testing and customer feedback. Being specialists in eCommerce, we have the required expertise to conduct a full analysis of customer engagement and identify the steps to improve their journey through your digital products.

Kodal has a team with years of experience working on large scale e-commerce websites, bespoke software and mobile apps. Our expertise is in creating bespoke solutions for businesses that want to stand out from their competitors. Conversion Rate Optimisation comes naturally.

We use quantifiable and tangible data to give insights and help build a structure and strategy that is bespoke to each company and their website. Conversion Rate Optimisation helps to ensure that we get the best possible results for the conversion rate.

What is Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)?

Conversion Rate Optimisation is a service to increase the percentage of visitors who perform preferable actions on a website. These actions can include purchasing products, signing up for your services, submitting a form or even a simple action such as clicking a button.

Conversion rate is calculated by dividing the number of user interactions, like purchasing a product or clicking a certain button, by the total number of visitors. We then take this number and multiply it by 100, which gives us the percentage value of the Conversion Rate.

Forget what you ever thought about how your customers use your website. The best way to increase conversion and user engagement is to understand your customers and provide them with what they need to convert.

There are three questions that we ask when it comes to CRO. Firstly, what brings people to your website? Secondly, why are users leaving your website, and where were they when they left? And lastly, what things are helping users to act upon their desired actions?

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Data-driven research can help build a picture of how your website is currently performing and allow us to identify areas that need improvement. We collate hundreds of data points on user sessions to establish current customer journeys, identifying pain points and sticking points, which inform our analysis.

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Using advanced analytics and tracking tools, such as heatmaps, gives an insight into user engagement. From this, we can plan an optimisation strategy to improve the user journey and user conversion. We start to build a picture of your users and how they use your website.

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Our experienced UX designers review the data and heatmaps to produce high-quality refined designs to help improve conversion rate results based on user engagement. We work closely with you throughout the project to create a product aligns with the data analysis and corrects specific pain points that users experience.

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Now it is time to perform split testing and put the results of the research, analysis, and design stages into action. A few A/B tests will be planned based on ideas that we have produced and how they improve your website. We carry out further data analysis at this point and compare it against your previously collected data.

CRO Consultation: Find out how your website is performing!

The best way to find out how you can improve your website is with a CRO consultation. We can perform either a fundamental or in-depth audit to help you discover what improvements you can make on your website. The audit will produce data metrics that form an understanding of the customer journey on your website as it currently is.

Contact us, and one of our CRO experts will be in touch with you about running an audit on your website.

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