We work like we are an extension of your team!

We are experts in supporting web applications and software platforms.

We are familiar with working with other businesses and can integrate seamlessly with your processes and operation. We also work with agencies and can expand capacity or provide the ability to tackle more complex or challenging projects.

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Highly skilled team

Our development team are skilled, dynamic, and driven to deliver high-quality results.

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It doesn't matter if it's a fixed price project or a rolling time-costs basis project. We work to deliver on time, in full, and on budget.

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Dissolve boundaries

We work to be approachable, friendly and efficient. We work to dissolve boundaries and to work as part of your team.

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Get technical consultancy and guidance on specific issues or a complete road map from an experienced CTO.

We help make your team more efficient

Your in-house team is working tirelessly to resolve any issues and improve the technical performance of your business. However, adding additional projects to the workload might stretch their capabilities and capacity and create a potentially expensive exercise.

That is where we step in to help! We can take over any complex issues your team is struggling to resolve or even take on the more trivial tasks so they can entirely focus on expanding your technical functionalities.

You benefit from our extensive expertise

No matter how experienced your team is, they are ultimately limited to what they are exposed to within your organisation. By working on various projects of different scales and across a diverse range of industries, Kodal will bring a powerful addition to your development team and help them upskill and extend their technical capabilities.

We help you save time and money

As your business grows, so do your technical requirements and the stack you are using. Recruiting or retraining your current team might not be cost or time effective in the short term, especially if you only require additional skills for a one-off project.

Here is where we can help. Our experienced team has a wide range of skills and is up to date with all the latest technologies, so you can rest assured your company will be well equipped with the latest and greatest tech on the market relevant to your current stack.

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